Advent Challenge: Giving Tree

As we enter the season of Advent, longing for the coming of our Saviour, we have witnessed a growing need within our community. It is a call that we cannot ignore. In response, we have reached out to our dedicated ministry partners and they have provided practical requests that directly address the needs of those around us. This Advent, we invite you to join in fulfilling these needs, as we strive to live out the mission of Jesus Christ in Mount Dennis, York, & Weston.

Suggested Donations

·       Mittens, Scarves, & Hats
·       Diapers, Formula, & Baby Food
·       New Socks & Underwear
·       Oral Care Items 
·       Feminine Hygiene Products
·       Body & Hair Wash
·       Antiperspirant 
Grocery & Pharmacy Gift Cards
·       Macaroni & Cheese
·       Pasta
·       Ready to Eat Soup
·       Canned Fruit
·       Dried Beans & Lentils
·       Rice 
·       Tinned Fish & Meal


Syme Woolner Neighbourhood & Family Centre works with diverse communities in our neighbourhood to build self-sufficiency and enhance quality of life. 

WAES Food Bank/North York Harvest helps people that live in our community who are experiencing food insecurity. 

Yonge Street Mission strives to imagine a city where every person feels they belong and where everyone has access to the resources they need to thrive and accomplish their goals.